Bush and Forest Explorer Has engaged in a community with a charity known as CHOTAYO

We have been delivering in home,street and in communities support to Tanzanian of all ages for over 5 years, so our team are experts at making sure that you receive the support you want, at the place and time that suits you.

Call us on +255 626 249 868 to talk to one of our friendly staff members, or to arrange a time to meet with you.

CHOTAYO envisions a Tanzania that provides its children with safety, education and hope for a better tomorrow.” – Founder RAPHAEL CHRISTIAN SHEMSIKA

Imagine a place where education is free and accessible to all children. A place where kids not only love going to school, but somewhere that children feel safe, confident, and optimistic for the opportunities open to them because of their talents, their knowledge, and their development.

In most regions of the world, this isn’t an issue because of government funding, but for many families in Tanzania and other developing countries in Africa, education isn’t free and safety isn’t a guarantee. But what if I told you that YOU could help make our vision reality? That by utilizing your resources, your talents and your heart for service, you could change the lives of children and families through the HHDC.

In lending a helping hand, you can make a lasting difference and realize our vision for a better tomorrow.